4 th of July

Independence Day (Tag der Unabhängigkeitserklärung der Vereinigten Staaten 1776)  sah uns nach dem Frühstück um den Sieg von Yogi’s Mannschaft über Frankreich bangen. We watch the games on the Hispanic TV channel and they have 3 commentators fasttalking along,  which helps us to increase our knowledge of the Spanisch language.

Shortly after the game we walked over to our neighbors Leo and Vicki for their 4 th of July lunch to which they had us invited. They had friends and family invited and the table was spread with lots of goodies: Brisket, sausages, salads, beans deviled eggs, stuffed Jalopenos, cake and on and on.

Afterwards we could barely walk outdoors to the shaded porch to visit, guzzle some beer and tell stories.

Long after Brazil had won against Columbia we walked happily home with a plate heaping full of food for the evening meal.

Thank you Vicki and Leo for a wonderful Independence Day.

Zum Abschluss des tages nach sonnenuntergang sind wir dann auf der terasse gesessen und haben den Fireworks um uns herum zugeschaut.

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